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Working with Andi has been extremely beneficial to me as a business owner. I was having such a hard time finding ways to encourage my team while also keeping them accountable. She got me doing regular one on ones with my team and helped me to find ways to ensure goals were being met and we are all staying on task. She helped us to communicate better together and helped create team-building opportunities. When owning a business you can feel very alone with some decision making and also trying to figure out what directions to take and how to focus your time. There have been so many times where I felt like I was in the middle of a maze and one conversation Andi helped light the way. I always tell her she helps to put wind in my super hero cape. She truly wants me to soar and wants me to be successful. She is my biggest cheerleader and has helped me so much to be a better leader and entrepreneur.

Kari, Business Owner

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